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Satuday – Thursday 9AM – 12NN

                                      4PM - 9PM;

Call Us:

(011) 413-3335(+966) 555270590

Balur Airconditioning Corporation for Trading

and Contracting. 


our main products

We promise reliable repair and install guarantee

We are a company providing a wide range of maintenance and many other services needed to make your life comfortable and happy. Our high-class experts fix any malfunction and install any airconditioning in your house or subtation

We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home and subtation to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety and credibility, so you could be sure about our work. We have been working for years to improve our skills, to expand the spheres of our work. The main goal is to provide our clients with the most complete list of services. We aim to expand our team of experts as there are more and more spheres of maintenance that we want to work with. We offer a wide range of services and we want to meet all our clients' needs.

Always Available

We accept requests and phone calls so you could resolve any problem whenever you need.

Qualified Agents

All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled agents. All of them are being trained according to the latest technologies.

We take care of your comfort

a huge number of services and works done by high-class experts using the latest technologies.

We Guarantee: quality of work and speed of fulfilment. We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as understand people value their time and money. No worries about delays or unfinished work – it’s our warranty policy!

We are the team that you need

We can help you with any domestic problem. You can choose the service from our list, or if you need any other maintenance help, we will gladly do even non-standard work!


Forget about all your airconditioning problems! Our experts will fix everything for you!


Our company offers a flexible discount system and a lot of special offers being beneficial for our clients.


We totally meet technical requirements, specifications and all kind of binding standards.


You’ll appreciate our hassle-free service and high quality of work we do for our clients.


All our experts are certified and well-educated to provide you professional help.


Our agents have vast experience in house maintenance. They have good skills and professional certificates.

Improve your airconditioning with us

During our work we helped a huge number of people and have garnered a reputation as a stable company with a team of real skilled experts who don’t fear any difficulties.